Alda Maria Pereira Simões

Professora Associada com Agregação

Departamento de Engenharia Química
Instituto Superior Técnico
Universidade de Lisboa
Av.Rovisco Pais
P - 1049-001 Lisboa
telefone: (+351) 21 841 79 63
fax: (+351) 21 841 97 71

Formação Académica:

Agregação em Engenharia Quimica, IST (2009)
Doutoramento em Engenharia Quimica (Passivação e Corrosão Intersticial em Aço Inoxidável), IST (1990)
Mestrado em Quimica dos Processos Cataliticos, IST (1985)
Licenciatura em Engenharia Química,  IST (1982)

Áreas de Investigação:

Aplicação e desenvolvimento de técnicas electroquímicas ao estudo e a monitorização de sistemas sujeitos a degradacão por corrosão.
Estudo da degradação de sistemas de pintura anti-corrosiva.Pré-tratamentos amigos do ambiente como alternativa aos de cromato.
Propriedades semicondutoras de filmes de passivação.
Revestimentos sol-gel para funcionalização de superfícies.

Outra áreas de Interesse:

Células de Combustível
Sensores Electroquímicos.

Projectos de Mestrado oferecidos em 2013/2014:


Contratos Internacionais de I&D

  1. DURADH - Durability of adhesively bonded surfaces finished galvanised steels in corrosive environments", Research Programme of the Research Fund for Coal and Steel, Contract; RFSR-CT-2011-00019; Coordinator: University of Paderborn, Germany; Partners: Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal); Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH (Germany); Sika Technology AG, Switzerland; ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG (Germany); University of Aveiro; voestalpine AG (Austria). Role: local coordinator. Financing for IST: 146kEuros. Abstract: New steel compositions and novel surface modification technologies aim at improved mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. However, the durability of adhesive joints between these advanced materials especially in corrosive environments are mostly below expectations. The proposal aims at an improved understanding of adhesion, de-adhesion and degradation kinetics and mechanisms of adhesives by means of novel spectroscopic, microscopic and electrochemical techniques. The project also focuses on development of improved failure analysis techniques aiming at a mechanistic understanding to provide a basis for faster product development in the steel industry.
  2. KINSREP - PREDICTION OF THE KINETICS OF SELF-REPAIR OF FORMING-INDUCED DEFECTS ON THIN FUNCTIONAL PRIMERS FOR ADVANCED AUTOMOTIVE APPLICATIONS, RFSR-CT-2008-00028). Partners: University of Paderborn, Dortmunder Oberflaechen Centrum, Voestalpine Stahl Linz GmbH, Centro Sviluppo Materialli SPA, Universidade de Aveiro, Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH, Instituto Superior Técnico. Financing for IST: 153 983 Euros; Role: general Project Coordinator. (01/07/2008 – 30/06/2011. Abstract: The physico-chemical processes and the kinetics of repassivation on galvanized steel substrates were studies by means of a set of advanced analytical, spectroscopic and electrochemical techniques. The effect of the size and geometry of cracks on the processes of delamination starting from micro-cracks on metal systems coated with conductive pimers were assessed and modelled.
  3. NEW ADVANCES ON CATHODIC PROTECTION FOR RE-HABILITATION OF REINFORCED CONCRETE STRUCTURES, Funded by the Portuguese Inovation Agency. Partners: Zetacorr, A2P, Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Vigo; role: IST coordinator. (36 months, 2003-2006).
  4. CUT-EDGE - SELF-HEALING AT CUT-EDGE OF COIL COATED GALVANIZED STEEL SHEET, RFCS contract RFS-CR-04021. Partners: Max-Planck Institute für Eisenforschung GmbH; Arcelor Research; Dortmunder Oberflaechen Centrum, Fundacion ITMA, Voestalpine Stahl Linz; role: local coordinator. (01/07/ 2004- 30/06/2007). Abstract: Optimized coatings for galvanized steel were developped, with improved properties versus corrosion resistance at cut edges, including the possibility of encapsulation of inhibitors, thus generating a novel generation of coatings, with "smart" behaviour.
  5. PRIMEFORM - FORMABILITY AND SELF-REPAIR PROPERTIES OF ADVANCED WELDABLE PRIMERS RFCS contract RFS-CR-04031 Partners: Max-Planck Institute für Eisenforschung GmbH; Dortmunder Oberflaechen Centrum, Voestalpine Stahl Linz; Centro Sviluppo Materialli SPA, Universidade de Aveiro; Instituto Superior Técnico; role: local coordinator; (01/07/2004 – 30/06/2007).
  6. INVESTIGATION OF DAMAGING MECHANISMS OF COIL-COATED STEEL SHEET DURING FORMING IN ORDER TO ENHANCE THE PREDICTABILITY OF FINISHED PARTS, ECSC contract nº7210-P/189. Partners: Max-Planck Institute für Eisenforschung GmbH; Dortmunder Oberflaechen Centrum, Voestalpine Stahl Linz; role: loca coordinator. (01/07/1999- 30/06/2002).
  7. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PRE-TREATMENT TECHNOLOGIES FOR MULTI-SUBSTRATE APPLICATIONS, ECSC contract nº 7210-PR/066 Partners: Corus/ British Steel; Force Institute; Instituto Superior Técnico ; role: local coordinator. (01/07/1997- 30/06/2000).
  8. ELEVATED AND LOW TEMPERATURE PERFORMANCE OF COATED STEEL PRODUCTS, contract UE/ECSC nº 7210- TS/941. Partners: Corus/ British Steel; Rautaruukki Oy; Instituto Superior Técnico; role: local coordinator. (01/07/1996 – 30/06/1999).
  9. EFFECT OF FORMING ON THE CORROSION RESISTANCE OF STRETCHED POLYMER FILMS ON ORGANIC - COATED STEEL - PHASE 2, contract UE/ECSC Nº 7210.KB936. Partners: British Steel plc; Instituto Superior Técnico; role: team member. (01/07/1993- 30/06/1995). Investigation of Damaging Mechanisms of Coil-Coated Steel During Forming in Order to Enhance the Predictability of Finished Parts, Contrato UE/ECSC nº7210-P/189 (1999-2002). 
    Parceria:Thyssen Krupp Stahl (Alemanha), Max Planck Institute (Alemanha), Voest Alpine (Austria)

Publicações Representativas



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