António Pedro dos Santos Lopes Castela


Instituto Superior Técnico
Laboratório de Tecnologia Electroquímica
Av.Rovisco Pais
P - 1049-001 Lisboa
telefone: (+351) 21 841 79 62
fax: (+351) 21 841 97 71

*Assistant Professor of Escola Superior de Tecnologia do Barreiro / IPS

Bachelor (Chemical Engineering), Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (1988). Graduated (Chemical Engineering - Applied Chemistry), Instituto Superior Técnico (1994).  PhD (Chemical Engineering), Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (A.M.P. Simões, 2001).

Research projects:

  • Effect of Forming on the Corrosion Resistance of Stretched Polymer Films on Organic - Coated Steel - Phase 2”, supported by EU/ECSC Agreement Nº 7210.KB936 (F2.6b/93), April 1994 to October 1995
  • Elevated and Low Temperature Performance of Coated Steel Products”, supported by EU/ECSC Agreement nº 7210- TS/809,941,902 (96-F7, 06a, b, c)
  • Prediction of Durability Performance of Coil-Coated Steel Used in the Building Industry – Influence of Climatic Parameters on the Corrosion Properties of Coil-Coated Material", Apoiado por ECSC Agreement nº 7210.PR.321, July 2001 to Juen 2004

The areas of interest relay on Corrosion, Materials and Interface and surface Engineering. The developed work was essentially related with coil coating steel and organic coating protective properties, specially focused in the environment influence (UV, humidity, temperate, etc.) and operating conditions (ex: forming).

Some techniques were essentially for the developed work, namely X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS), Infra-red Spectroscopy (FTIR), Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).

Selected Publications

  • Castela, AS; Simoes, AM; "An impedance model for the estimation of water absorption in organic coatings. Part I: A linear dielectric mixture equation", CORROS SCI, 45 (8): 1631-1646 AUG 2003
  • Castela, AS; Simoes, AM; "An impedance model for the estimation of water absorption in organic coatings. Part II: A complex equation of mixture"; CORROS SCI, 45 (8): 1647-1660 AUG 2003
  • Castela, AS; Simoes, AM; "Water sorption in freestanding PVC films by capacitance measurements"; PROG ORG COAT, 46 (2): 130-134 MAR 2003
  • Castela, AS; Simoes, AM; Davies, G; et al.; "Weathering of coil-coatings: UV radiation and thermal effects",REV METAL MADRID, : 167-173 Suppl. S 2003
  • Castela, AS; Simoes, AM; "Assessment of water uptake in coil coatings by capacitance measurements",PROG ORG COAT, 46 (1): 55-61 JAN 2003
  • Castela, AS; Simoes, AM; "A capacitance model for the evaluation of water absorption in organic coatings", KEY ENG MAT, 230-2: 369-372 2002
  • Castela, ASL; Simoes, AM; Ferreira, MGS; "EIS evaluation of attached and free polymer films", PROG ORG COAT, 38 (1): 1-7 FEB 2000
  • Castela, AS; Simões, AMP; Ferreira, MGS; "Effect of ageing on the formability of coil coatings", MATER SCI FORUM, 289-2: 247-258 Part 1&2 1998