Catarina Ferreira dos Santos


Grupo de Estudos de Corrosão e Efeitos Ambientais
Instituto de Ciência e Engenharia de Materiais e Superfícies
Av.Rovisco Pais
P - 1049-001 Lisboa
telefone: (+351) 21 841 97 69
fax: (+351) 21 841 97 71

Graduation in Ceramic and Glass Engineering, University of Aveiro (2002). Master in Materials Engineering, University of Aveiro (2006). PhD Science and Materials Engineering, University of Aveiro (2012).

The research objectives of Catarina Santos are focused in Science and Materials technology (particles, theranostics, hybrid materials, and nanotechnology) and Cell engineering. Specifically, development of new methodologies for tailoring new nano and micro-sized powder particles: (i) using organic molecules that control the size and the morphology of the produced particles, or using different experimental conditions as temperature and pressure (ii) surface functionalization with gold nanoparticles using groups that remain on particles from synthesis process and induce the formation of gold nanoparticles, (iii) the use of nanoparticles produced as a vehicle of delivery of pharmacologic substances to affect tissue response; Study the biological response of produced materials.

She has he skills to operate different equipment, including: transmission electronic microscope (TEM), scanning electronic microscope (SEM) and Micro-Raman, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, zeta potential.

Selected Publications

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  • Célio Gabriel Figueiredo-Pina; Alexandra Monteiro; Mafalda Guedes; António Maurício; Ana Paula Serro; Amílcar Ramalho; Catarina Santos. "Effect of feldspar porcelain coating upon the wear behaviour of zirconia dental crowns ", Wear, 297 (2012) 872-877
  • V.S. Bystrov; E.V. Paramonova; M.E.V. Costa; C. Santos; M. Almeida; S. Kopyl; YU. Dekhtyar; A.V. Bystrova; E.I. Maevsky; R. C. Pullar and L. Kholkin. “A Computational Study of the Properties and Surface Interactions of Hydroxyapatite”, Ferroelectrics, 449, (2013) 94-101
  • João Costa-Rodrigues, Ana Silva, Catarina Santos, Maria Margarida Almeida, Maria Elisabete Costa, Maria Helena Fernandes. “Complex effect of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles on the differentiation and functional activity of human pre-osteoclastic cells”, J. Biomedical Nanotecnology, (2014), accepted